Otamatone - the genius singing machine!

The Otamatone is that perfect gift that you've been searching for. Unique and brand new, with a Japanese flavour, you and your mates will have hours of endless fun playing with this quirky musical instrument.

It requires two hands to control - one to open the mouth on the singing head, and the other to move up and down the neck of the musical note to change the pitch.


The Otamatone is now available for order at Firebox.

This is the best place for buying the Otamatone in the UK.

You can buy the black, white and yello Otamatone for £26.49 delivered.



A video highlighting the power of owning more than one Otamatone!.

Enjoy this interesting and slightly cringe-worthy rendition of Greensleeves!

27/08/09Third video released of the Otamatone

The third video from Maywa Denki - and you learn how to pronounce 'Otamatone'. Gives great detail of the device - highlighting the volume and pitch toggles.

The video also demonstrates the tuition aids that you get with it, helping you to become an Otamtone grand master!

04/08/09Second video released of the Otamatone

This video was released by Maywa Denki, the creators of the Otamatone, highlighting the shrill notes you can get from it, at the end of the clip.

23/07/09First video released of the Otamatone

The first video was released on the 23rd of July - giving a brief glimpse of what this puppy can do.


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